Recycling is a complex matter, as each waste stream to be processed is different and requires individual and efficient solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing plants.

INTEGRA Windsichter GmbH based in Lengerich in Westphalia, Germany, is an innovative company with decades of experience in the construction of recycling and reprocessing plants. All individual processes, from the consultation, planning and construction to the building and assembly process are handled under one roof.

Only technically-sophisticated components such as conveyors, windsifter, sorting stations, bunkers, crushers or separators are used for INTEGRA plants.

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INTEGRA Windsichter GmbH has specialized on the design and construction of individual components as well as complex recycling plants.

The ever-increasing consumption of resources and the simultaneous increase of waste require solutions for reprocessing and recycling of the residue materials.

Plant construction
Dosing bunker

Vibration screen systems
Sorting stations

Plant construction

Naturally, INTEGRA Windsichter GmbH offers you the entire construction of the plant. After an on-site visit at your company, we can offer you all individual processes, from the consultation, planning and construction to the building and assembly process all from a single source.

Only technically-sophisticated components such as windsifter, dosing bunkers, conveyors, vibration screen systems, sorting stations or separators are used for INTEGRA plants.

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One of the most sophisticated feature of INTEGRA windsifter is the efficient separation into two or three fractions.

Compared to plants of competitors the perfect alignment of the conveyors with the double-nozzle blow system delivers exceptional separation quality and quantity thanks to the high-pressure blower. All operational parameters are perfectly harmonised with each other and can be individually and quickly adapted in case of a material change.

Simply talk to us, we offer you classifying tests with your material!

With the new, well-priced Power WS 1000 M, we offer you the highest-performing air separator from INTEGRA. All transfer stations have been equipped with special Hardox steel and the moving parts are provided with frequency converters. The 30 KW fan separates each feed material absolutely reliably and cleanly. Whether it is rubble, slag, residual waste, mixed construction waste, substitute fuels or iron scrap - the new INTEGRA Power WS 1000 M is up to any task. More input material can be tested, please get in touch.

INTEGRA designs and builds windsifter for various crusher types. Whether for Kleemann crushers, Rubble Master, MFL and since very recently also for Power Screen.

INTEGRA windsifter separate absolutely cleanly up to a purity of 98%. The sorting system guarantees that material with a particle size of 32/45 mm up to 150/200 mm remains in the crusher cycle until it has the correct size. Thanks to the excellent material sorting system the screens need to be replaced every 2 to 3 days only. Blockage of the screens is therefore nearly impossible.

Any feed material requires other reprocessing methods. We would like to help you with your individual task!

Dosing bunker

The dosing technology of INTEGRA Windsichter GmbH is based on a modular concept. The perfect components are harmonised with each other according to your requirements and put together to create an economical complete solution.

INTEGRA dosing bunkers are a solution to meet the requirement of an even discharge of the materials to be processed and also live up to the task of stockpiling material. This puffer function allows for the constant feeding of connected conveyor systems and processing machines.


INTEGRA Windsichter GmbH offers you the full range of conveyor technology. Because each individual task requires a custom-made solution.

Our robust conveyor plants are perfectly designed for the demanding day-to-day work and the conveyor belt is selected in accordance to the conveyor rate, the transport angle and the belt path.

In addition to our powerful conveyors, we also offer drag chain conveyors, chain belt conveyors, Z-type conveyors, stockpile conveyors, conveyor technology for harvesters, acceleration and feed conveyors for opto-electronical separation systems, conveyors in tubular frame design, metal edge profile design and hydraulically pivotable and foldable transport belts.

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Vibration screen systems

Vibration screen systems, also known as shaking screens, are manufactured by INTEGRA for a particle size of 3 mm to 80 mm.

Naturally, these screens are low-wear and can be replaced quickly depending on the application area. Be it slag, residual waste, mixed construction waste or steel scrap - thanks to the unique construction and arrangement, INTEGRA shaking screens do not easily clog. The screens are clean themselves during the application. Another advantage is that when using a screen of the type 25, parts with a maximum length of 33 mm, and when using a screen of the type 45, parts with a maximum length of 54 mm can fall through.

We would be happy if we could discuss solutions for you. We design custom-made solutions only for your individual purposes.

Sorting stations

INTEGRA sorting stations are custom-made to meet individual requirements and are integrated into your existing plant.

It goes without saying that the stations are insulated and can be equipped with heatings and air conditioners. The arrangement of windows and doors including access stairs as well as the varnish colour can be freely selected. This is how you create a comfortable working environment in a competitive industry. Simply let us know what you have in mind.


The development of an economical waste sorting plant is absolute precision work. Several individual components must harmonize seamlessly with each other to guarantee a safe and quick material flow.

Our design department is already preparing for this, as an integral part of the development phase of the entire project is the efficiency of the recycling plant to be constructed.

Simply talk to us, we can also design the perfect plant for your requirements!